Bi-folding gate with width from 3 to 9 meter. The standard height is 1.5 or 2.5 meters, height from 1.5 to 4 meters. Automatic bi-folding gate is driven by the FAAC 391 or ELKA ZENIT-S 452 motor. The gate control unit is FAAC 024S / E124 with a microprocessor. The standard equipment of the gate is a full set of safety bars that eliminate the risk of crushing.

This gate allows to cover entries from 3m wide to 9m. For special bespoke projects we did even 20m wide bi-folding gates.

Construction is based on two separate supporting posts, each with automatic gate leaf. Gate leaf is supported by post only and doesn’t need any ground rail or guiding system.

Each gate leaf can be programmed to work independently and cover two-line entries. The drives are located on the posts and are controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) located within the associated control cabinet. Gates are equipped with safety features like safety edges, photocells line and warning light.

Opening / closing speed 12-20 seconds – fully programmable for slower speeds.

Gates uses ROGER BRUSHLESS drives providing highest quality of performance. B&K standard includes Hot Dip Galvanized surface coating for all our products. Second layer of powder coating in RAL colours are also available by additional surcharge.

Gates are designed for continuously working cycle, 100% high duty

Standard infill is made of 25x25mm vertical profiles, 80x20mm and 100x80mm horizontal profiles, shutter or solid metal sheet. On clints demand custom designed can be used to suit almost any request.





  • ♦ Full automation
  • ♦ Emergency manual opening
  • ♦ Driving profile 80x80x5 mm


  • ♦ Durable construction
  • ♦ Simple installation
  • ♦ Galvanization + RAL


Width From 1 do 9 meter
Height From 1.5 to 4 meter (standard is 1.5 – 2.5 m)
Electrical engine FAAC 391 one or or ELKA ZENIT-S 452 (24V)
Electrical unit FAAC 024S/E124, ELKA MO36 microprocessor unit
Operating time 12-20 seconds (adjustable)
Operating temperature -40*C to +60*C (optional 70*C)
Main Power
230VAC 50Hz



  • ♦ Ball beareings in hignes
    ♦ Keys for OPEN-STOP-CLOSE
    ♦ Emergency stop button
    ♦ Integrated two lines of photocells
    ♦ Full safety edges
    ♦ Rotating warm light


  • ♦ Hinge between leafs
  • ♦ Locking bolt system
  • ♦ Lower between leafs
  • ♦ Safety Edge Buffer on bottom of gate frame
    ♦ Revision Access Plate
    ♦ Cable guidance
    ♦ Electric Locking Bolt
    ♦ Control Unit Box
  • ♦ Rotating warning beacon
  • ♦ Key switch + emergency stop
  • ♦ Safey photocells
  • ♦ Drive FAAC E391/ELKA ZENIT S
  • ♦ FAAC E124/FAAC E024S (control unit)
  • ♦ LED light RED/GREEN integrated into post
  • ♦ Blinking warning beacon
  • ♦ Safety Edge Buffer Wireless Transmitter
    ♦ Safety Edge Buffer
  • ♦ Control Console
  • ♦ Czytnik kart zbliżeniowych
  • ♦ Proximity Card Reader
    ♦ Loop Detector
    ♦ GSM Controller
    ♦ Number Plates Recognition
    ♦ Remote Control
    ♦ Sound Warning Horn
    ♦ Battery Backup for Emergency Operations
    ♦ Intercom
    ♦ LED traffic light on separate post




Looking for a telescopic gate? Contact us.

Bifolding gates

B&K Security Systems manufacturehigh security bifolding gates. Production processes is based on the latest technology. Comprehensive design, outstanding high technological standards together with superb corrosion protection we gain trust of customers all over the world.

Automatic Bifolding Speedgates

Hiigh quality BiFolding Gate Systems.

B&K Security Systems can manufacture and custom sized any type of bifolding automatic speed gate. On production plant we are equipped in innovative machines and also spare parts, so allowed us to manufacture in quick time under specific needs.

We provide automatic steel gates in many sizes. We supply gates for industry, embassies, airports, military, industry estates, business parks, refineries and others.


Industrial telescopic gates are equipped in drives, safety edges, photocells, safety button, hinges and ball bearings, as well as other additional equipment.



Our industrial gates in standard are equipped in safety edges and photocells, thanks to which the risk of crushing a person standing at the gate is practically eliminated.

Custome sized

We are specialist in manufacturing custome sized solution. We are able to manufacture any type of gate in any size.


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Account number:
PL 28114020040000341205400330

+48 530 857 007