Anti-terrorist road barriers, which are otherwise referred as road blocks, are barriers that block a truck from being attacked by an enemy. Depending on the demand, the level of safety, as well as the method and possibilities of mounting a road barrier, there are several types.

What are the security levels of road blockers ?

To determine the level of safety of road blockers, there is USA safety level system: K8, K12, K30. The most common are used blkades with a level of K12 which stop a 7,5 tone truck running on a barrier at a speed of 80 km / h. Blocker saves protected area against enemny. Rarely, but there is also a demand at K30 level, our company produces such barriers, they accept the impact of cars weighing up to 30 tons.

k30 road blockers

What are types of installation  road blockers?

Road blockers are different due to the installation type. B&K Security manufactures anti-terrorist barriers that can be mounted on a deep foundation, shallow mount, on the surface, and there is also a blockade that can be mobile. Discover the type of dams due to the assembly:

FLATBLOCK – shallow mount

MOBILEBLOCK – on the surface, mobile

MONOBLOCK – underground

POWERBEAM – underground

PROTECTOR – underground

SHIELD – shallow mount

TITAN – underground

GUARD – shallow mount or on the ground

Hydraulic and electromechanical road blockers

There is also a kind of roadblock due to the opening system. The majority of road barriers manufactured by B&K are hydraulic blockers, one model GUARD is an electromechanical barrier.

Unusual demand?

The manufacturer of road blockers B&K has 30 years of experience in production, automation and hydraulics, the range of road blockers is constantly expanded, the company’s specialization is the production of a customized solutions under individual needs.

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