High security bi-folding gates are design to protect enter and are installed in location where is no place for swing gate. It is a combination of high security gate which is desing to stop enemy and swing gates.


it is best solution to install in place where is very little place to install gate. Swing of gates are bi fold on 4 pieces.

SPEED bifolding gates are mostly used to secure industrial areas where is limited area for the gate to open and heavy duty drives for constant and fast work are required.

  •  This gate allows to cover entries from 3m wide to 9m. For special bespoke projects we did even 20m wide bi-folding gates.
  •  Construction is based on two separate supporting posts, each with automatic gate leaf. Gate leaf is supported by post only and doesn’t need any ground rail or guiding system.
  • Each gate leaf can be programmed to work independently and cover two-line entries.
  •  The drives are located on the posts and are controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) located within the associated control cabinet.
  • Gates are equipped with safety features like safety edges, photocells line and warning light.
  • Gates uses well known DAAB drives providing highest quality of performance.
  • B&K standard includes Hot Dip Galvanized surface coating for all our products. Second layer of powder coating in RAL colours are also available by additional surcharge.
  • Gates are designed for continuously working cycle, 100% high duty
  • Standard infill is made of 25x25mm vertical profiles with additional 30×30 mesh. On clints demand custom designed can be used to suit almost any request.