Tyre killers stop enemy vehicle which can go further because of broken tires. B&K Security manufacture few types of tyre killers, the most efficient anti terrorist barrier is DEFENDER – explore it.


Construction and drive unit

High security construction of tyre killer DEFENDER is massive barrier, which can be manufacture in width from 1 to 6 meters. The blocking tooth has 450 mm height which effectively broke tires of big trucks. Drive unit is hydraulic  with hydraulic actuator. The control cabinet unit is separated in external cabinet. This tyre killer can work in temperatures from -30 to 60 degrees, optional we manufacture tyre killer to 70 degrees.

 Tyre killer barricade main advantages are:

– Heavy duty spikes and structure able to stop even heaviest vehicle

– Steel structure hot dib galvanized acc. to ISO EN1461 guarantees long term use without maintenance plug and play, Pre-assembled, factory-tested high security device

– Hydraulic unit is controlled by a PLC. Enables connection of most common access control to the device

– Push-button control & manual pump in the event of power failure are provided as standard

– Control system of tyre killer can be customized to communicate with various types of access control equipment to suit each specific customer requirements

General specification:

– Tyre killer covers the complete range of tire killers spikes ranging from 1 to 6 meter in steps of 0,5mete

– The device is preassembled and easy to install (Plug & Play).

Mechanical specification:

Tyre killer frame is ultra-strong and constructed high quality steel. Raised height of mobile obstacle is 450 mm in standard. High quality hydraulic power pack and PLC system is being used. The cabinet is sealed and weather protected.

Automation specification:

  1. High quality hydraulic drive.
  2. Power supply three phase 3-phase 400VAC 50Hz
  3. Operating time: 3-5 seconds
  4. Operating time with optional EFO system: 1-1,5 seconds (extra charge/ not included in standard version)
  5. External cabinet IP55, internal cabinet IP66

Tyre killers standard equipment (included in standard version):

  1. Manual release mechanism allowing to move the device manually in the event of power failure
  2. PLC logic controller
  3. Hot dib galvanizing of the each steel element of tire killer barricade
  4. Pushbutton operations (OPEN-STOP-CLOSE-EMERGENCY STOP)
  5. Hydraulic Power Unit
  6. Waterproof External cabinet for Hydraulic Power Unit and PLC, automation located up to 7 meter distance to the tyre killer, connected with hydraulic and electric hose (cabling and hydraulic hose in standard length included)

Tyre killer optional equipment (extra charge/not included in standard version):

  1. Emergency fast operations (EFO)
  2. Hydraulic accumulator
  3. UPS for a chosen amount of operations
  4. Traffic light (RED/GREEN) mounted on a separate post
  5. Card reading system
  6. Automatic timed opening and closing
  7. Induction loop system
  8. Heating system for the drive for extreme cold countries
  9. Key switches and magnetic key readers
  10. Automatic number plate recognition (RFID)



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