From our whole range or road blockers TITAN is the most chosen model. Deep mount hydraulic road blocker. Get know more about this model.


Technical information of TITAN

Road blocker TITAN is hydraulic road blocker with installation underground. The structure type is made of steel construction which is hot deep galvanized. The width of blocked spade is from 1000 to 6000 mm. Height of raised obstacle is from 650 to 1200 mm. In standard height of obstacle is 665 mm. In external cabinet located up to 7 meter away from road blocker is installed PLC -Programmable Logic Controller – Mitsubishi PLC.. Drive unit is electro-hydraulic installed in external cabinet. This cabinet has a lockable weather resistant enclosure. Cabinet is provided for HPU, for maintenance and emergency operations.

Axis load and level of protection

Standard axis load for road blocker TITAN is 11,5 tones. There is a possibility of manufacturing road blocker for higher axis load. Level of protection of this road blocker is K12, it means that this blockade stops 7,5 tonne vehicle which is going on blockade at speed of 80 km/h. Our company also manufacture road blockers TITAN at level K30.


Equipment of road blocker

Every road blocker TITAN is equipped in standard in Pushbutton box control panel, which able guard to OPEN, STOP, EMERGENCY STOP and CLOSE road blocker. There is also hydraulic manual emergency pump which is needed in case of power failure. Every road blocker is equipped in 2 pcs warning light and 9m long hydraulic hose and electric wires. Optional road blocker is equipped In EFO – Emergency Fast Opening it is hydraulic accumulator which opens road blocker in 1,5 seconds. Optional we add to road blocker 2 channel loops, UPS, traffic lights, remonte controlel, proximity car reader.

Elements of system

System of road blocker consist of road blocker which absorbs the impact and outside cabinet with control box. Both elements are connected with cables.


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