Security gates are design to be road barriers and protect entry against terrorist.

In days, where the risk of terrorist attack has increasing days public areas, airports, embassies has to protect their entry. There are many types of perimeter security barrier, on of there are security gates.

2 in 1 – main features of security gates

Most places need to install industrial gate to close the entry to manage entry of vehicles. Security gate is the combination of two main features: security barrier and massive industrial gate. Security gates are industrial gates which strong construction block enemies vehicle.

What is security level of security gates?

Security gates are design to protect entry at level K12. It means that gate will block 7,5 tone truck which attempt to attack the entry at speed to 80km/h. It is possible to design security gates at higher level of protection, which can assume the higher axis load. Find security gates in our offer.

What types of gates are security gates?

B&K manufacture two types of security gates. It is SLIDER WIND RATED and FORTRESS. Both are sliding gates. Security level of this gates are K12.

Security gate SLIDER WIND RATED is anti terrorist barrier which have nice design and very strong construction. This gate can be manufacture in the length from 15 to 20 meters. It is great solution for companies, industry, military.


Security gate – SLIDER WIND RATED – K12

Security gate FORTRESS was design in B&K company as a response od demand of security entrance points. FORTRESS is and efficient security barrier at level K12. This security gate moves on tracked system S10 installed in concrete. Standard length (clear opening) is 9 m. Check zabezpieczenia antyterrorystyczne.


Security gates – FORTRESS K12

Automatic security gate

Every security gate is equipped in strong motor which can speed OPEN and CLOSE security gates. Moreover every security gates has pushbutton for guard, who can manage the OPEN, EMERGENCY STOP and CLOSE of gate.  In standard gates are equipped in safety edges and warning lights for safety.