What are the types of road barriers? What’s the types of perimeter security protection? How to protect entrance against terrorist? Learn about the types of road barriers.

What are types of road barriers?

There are few types of entrance barriers:

  • ♦ Road Blockers
  • ♦ High security Rising Arms
  • ♦ Security Gates
  • ♦ Tyre killers
  • ♦ Hydraulic Bollards

What are the road blockers?

Road blockers is the most effective protection against terrorist. It is hydraulic barrier immediately rising from the ground in 1-2 seconds. Massive obstacle completely crushed terrorist trucks. B&K manufacture road blockers in level of protection K12, K30. Road blocker K12 blocks 7,5 tonne trucks with speed 75km/h. Road blocker K30 have axis load 30 tonne.


What are rising arms?

High security rising arms are massive booms with axis load. So they stops enemies vehicles. They are OPEN and CLOSE by guard.


What are security gates?

High security gates are massive industrial gates. Their strong construction can effectively blocks terrorist. Level of protection security gates is K12.


What are tyre killers?

Tyre killers has to destroy tires. They can be light or massive underground mounted.


What are hydraulic bollards?

Hydraulic bollards are small rising obstacle. They hide in the ground. There is also static bollards. Level of protection hydraulic bollards is K4, K8, K12.


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